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    Which bag should I keep Incase Sling/Brenthaven Pro?

    I've got 2 bags that I can use to carry my MBP with, an Incase sling pack and a Brenthaven Pro 12-15"...but I'm kinda wondering if I really need both of them? If you had to choose one, which would you take? At present time, I would probably use the slingpack because I don't have that much to carry with my MBP. Then again, if I get an office job of some sort down the road, that may require the additional space of the Brenthaven. The other 2 factors: I got the Brenthaven for free with my MBP, and I bought the slingpack before I got the MBP from Best Buy and it hasn't been used to this point and can still be returned. I got it on sale at BB for C$50.00, normal selling price is closer to $80.

    I have thought about just keeping both of them cuz one of them was free, and the other I got at a good price, but then I thought if I returned/sold one of them then it would easily allow me to get other accessories that I still want for my MBP, at the top would be: Applecare, Elevator, laptop cooling mat, maybe an extra battery etc.

    So, what should I do? I don't know how much I could get for the Brenthaven if I decided to sell it. It doesn't have the tags, but it looks just like new. I guess what might decide it is if I wouldn't get that much for the Pro, I may just end up keeping both, cuz I still like the slingpack which is why I bought it in the first place.

    Anyways, any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    with the incase sling pack once uve got the MBP and power adapter how much more room do you have? can you fit a some books in as well?

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    I love the brenthaven, personally. it really works for me, like it holds everything I need. Everything gets heavy, so the shoulder pad helps the load a ton

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