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    Problem with my macbook..
    Well I've had my Macbook for about quite a few months now, if not a year. And well, I had also installed windows XP on it using BootCamp. Now, I've never had a problem with using either OS's before, but recently, something has been terribly wrong.
    This is what happens. I boot up my macbook, hold the key in order to choose which OS I want to use (I use Windows XP alot, because of playing games). So I choose windows. Now after windows is all loaded and stuff, I'll do my buisness. However, at any given time (usually within the first 10-20 minutes), the computer will just crash or like turn off automatically. This happens on some occasions. And sometimes when this does happen, I'll try turning it back on. Pressing the power button, I hear the hard drive and fan going, then next thing I know, it turns off again. Couple more tries, same thing. The only way I can get the computer on, is to hold the power button, and wait for the light to blink, and release. However, that mostly only allows me to use my Mac side.
    Im not sure whats wrong here...

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    Maybe your Macbook has developed an allergy to Windows

    On a more serious note, have you run the hardware checks on the included discs? Try that out to rule out any hardware issues.

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    Hardware checks? Im rummaging through my CD's right now, and I've found the original CD that came with the macbook. Its the Mac OS X Install disc though. I can't remember if any other discs were included however.

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