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    To burn or not to burn (internal or external)
    This is the question...

    I have a titanium powerbook 867 and I need to burn DVDs of actor auditions with menus, and my powerbook has no DVD burner. The internal drive also struggles reading/writing CDs, so I'm leaning towards an internal drive which I'd use for everyday use as well.

    Based on your experience, would you recommend an EXTERNAL burner or an INTERNAL burner? Brands? Good speeds and quality are important for me. I also have to label each DVD, which I usually do with a paper label, but I'm reading a bit about Lacie's light scribe...

    Thank you!

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    I had to replace my internal superdrive just recently and went for this one from OWC. They also do a dual layer version for a little bit more cash. That's here. Got it installed in the UK for £49 so all in all a bargain and just as cheap as an external one!

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