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    vertical lines of dead pixels on 17" screen
    Apologies in advance - i am not technical! - but seeking advice on what appears to be a rapid deterioration in the screen of my 17" powerbook - now 20 months old. A month ago a "cream" vertical line of "dead pixels?" appeared in the left hand side of the screen - now i have a "blue" vertical line in addition to the the original line. Is my screen packing up? and if so, is this a common problem and why? I would be so grateful if anyone could help out!

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    Do you have Applecare? If not, then you're going to be in for bearing the cost of some serious repair work. If you were maybe a few weeks out of warranty, you might have had a slim chance. But at 8 months out? Next to impossible.

    Just so you know, repair work on the screen can go upwards of $1,000. So don't be surprised if the repair will set you back a couple hundred

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    I took out applecare on my previous mac - and no problems - so didn't on my current problematic Powerbook - my fault! Do you know if this is a frequently occuring problem and if anything in particular causes it. I would not want to abuse this site - and would contribute in my own way if i ever could! Thanks

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    Dear kbuc,

    I assume you have a 17" PowerBook G4 1,67 GHz M9689 with a screen resolution of 1440x900. You probably bought it around Q1/2005. Your screen defect is a well known and well documented mass production defect which is denied by Apple. As of this writing there are more than 180 documented cases.

    For more information, please have a look at this site, and please register your device there:
    The 17" "Bridget Riley" PowerBook database

    For a comprehensive report on the story also visit:
    Free Repair Campaign for Apple 17inch PowerBooks » PowerBook G4 17″ LCD Lines Issue Continues ... » PowerBook G4 17″ LCD Plagued by Severe Problems » PowerBook 17″ Mysterious LCD Lines Continued
    The PowerBook G4 17" LCD is suffering severe problems

    Do not waste your time posting into the Apple discussion board because this topic and all references to the sites listed above are censored and will be deleted as soon as they emerge in their forum to prevent people from noticing.

    This whole story is a great shame for Apple. They deny all facts, cover up information and refuse to repair the devices.

    The lower row shows my own PowerBook G4: On the right you see an earlier picture showing a cluster of about 8 lines. The left shows what it looks like now: One portion of the screen completely failed. All this 15 months after purchase.

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    Wow. I recently had my PowerBook repaired under extended Applecare for this problem, and it is from that batch. I had no idea this was a widespread problem or that Apple was being so dodgy about it. That's just terrible.

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    Powerbook vertical line defect
    The vertical lines problem is a "well known" hardware manufacturing defect in certain PowerBook G4, one that Apple refuses to acknowledge. Your display will gradually degrade. In some cases, even if you pay to get it fixed, it may go bad again, if the repair isn't done properly. You can post about it in Apple forums, depending upon what you say, though many posts get edited by the forum managers. Some posts and threads have gotten deleted. Many are trying to pressure Apple into offering a repair program. If you'd like to be part of all this:

    Register your PowerBook at

    Sign this petition:

    Read the exciting (& infuriating) info here:

    Post in Apple Discussions. Something non-inflammatory like "I have this problem too, is there any new suggestions on what to do about it?" Here's a relevant thread that's been there for a while:

    Call AppleCare, get a case #, and ask them how to file a formal complaint (so Apple has a record of the extent of the problem and is pressured to react).

    Leave "Management Comments" here:

    Write to high-profile Mac news & blog sites and ask them to cover this story. Sites such as

    There are some other suggestions here:

    Call and write Apple corporate HQ and Public Relations

    Note that when people complain to AppleCare in non-U.S. countries, that info is not forwarded to any central location, so Apple never finds out about worldwide complaint patterns that indicate a defect. Ideally non-U.S. residents should be sure to call U.S. HQ and PR so all the complaints hopefully also get to a central location.

    Take some of the steps documented in various pages at this site:

    Contact your state Department of Consumer Protection.

    Contact the Better Business Bureau

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    @kbuc it's a common problem, like kder kay said, my buddy had the same issue, but Apple refused to take care of the problem since he was out of warranty, so then he was forced to pay for a repair or stuck with the issue, he ended up stuck because it was too costly to repair, I don't remember exactly how much but it was upwards of $400 I believe.

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    If you have the vertical lines Powerbook defect, the best site to go to regarding it is, join the notification/uncensored discussion group (& see more advice) available at:

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    but is possible to fix it manually?

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    This happened to my friends laptop as well. Sometimes it happens and sometimes its perfect. I was thinking it was a logic board problem which would be big bucks.

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