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    Question Which would you reccommend?
    I'm considering three computers, two of which are notebooks running Windows (Gateway M505XL and Dell Inspiron 9100) and the third being none other than the Powerbook (the 2000 dollar one.) If I buy a mac, this would be my first. I would be using the notebook for mobile video/audio editing, and possibly burning DVDs. Basically, I'm gonna be making media on it. Which would you reccommend? I thought of mac instantly cause Firewire is a must for me. Any thoughts or reccommendations?

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    get the powerbook then...for video editing on a'll be better.

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    When it comes to video and DV editing, having a system that remains stable despite large chunks of image rendering, batch capturing, effects manipulation, you name it, is of utmost, utmost importance. Even the top of the line PC's will have problems keeping up and often times freeze, or worse, give you the blue screen of death (along with the data dump). That's why people say Macs are the best for digital media professionals. Not only because it runs such applications the best, but becasue the platform is inherently superior. Now if they just wouldn't do so many darn updates...

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    If you are planning to use Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express, then you have no choice but the PowerBook.
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    No offense, but don't you think that everybody would say the powerbook in a Mac forum???

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    Go with the PowerBook. I have both a PB and a PC and for editing video, audio, and video, I will alwyas choose my PB over my PC. Don't get me wrong, PC's can do a great job as well, and some people will prefer those, especially if that's what they are used to, but for me, I'd much rather use my PB for it. Now if you wanted to do a lot of gaming, get the others..
    Get the PowerBook You will not be disapointed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt
    No offense, but don't you think that everybody would say the powerbook in a Mac forum???
    Why even say anything like this?

    Most of us here use both currently.... 1) have always done this 2) switched but wanted to use pc still

    so a lot of people here aren't talking out of their behinds, but from personal expereince from using both daily. I for one ....when it comes to laptops, wouldn't chose anything else over the powerbooks or ibooks....and I've used pc laptops...not saying they're bad, just that from my experience the powerbooks and iBooks are better......on top of that...mac is just known to be better in that pcs with gaming.

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