dunno if anyone else has this problem, but it is driving me mad. i just recently started watching dvd's on my iBook and have discovered a very annoying phenomenon: all of the movies are VERY dark, to the point they are almost unwatchable. i have some ripped movies on my hard drive that look pretty good, but playing a DVD in the combo drive results in a very dark picture. i have tinkered with the settings ad nauseum:

yes, i have tried to adjust the brightness.
yes, i have calibrated the display, multiple times.
yes, i have looked through all of the preferences.
yes, i have changed the angle of the screen.
yes, i have adjusted the gamma and contrast.

nothing seems to work. i am not sure what is going on here, but it is a pretty aggravating flaw in an otherwise great machine.

anyone have any ideas??

thankz, holden mcgroin