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Thread: Powerbook & shopping

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    Powerbook & shopping
    I bought my Powerbook G4 15" in January 2006. It's a refub. No Applecare.
    Couple months ago, I had the famous "3 BEEPS". I figure that out and then puted my 512mb RAM to the "upper" tray... because the lower one decided to stop working just like that one morning.
    Apple does have a re-call for this problem. The serial on the RAM holding piece is exacly inside the serials that Apple cover... but not the serial of my machine.
    They want to charge me 1400$ (can) to change my whole main card !!!
    Everything stills works fine, but I can't insert a second RAM in it, wich I want to...

    > What should I do ?

    ...and ; Instead of buying a new external dysplay for design work at home, should I just sale my laptop and buy a iMac G5 20" instead ?

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    I have the same situation. After evaluating my situation, I decided to purchase a iMac, since I don't need the portability, and very pleased with my decision. I still have the PB, although the iMac is my main system now.

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    1. So by the sounds of it you've got a cut and shut computer where there's a bit of one machine and a bit of the other hence the two serial numbers? If so, I'd get in touch with Apple and see what they say with regards to the recall.

    2. Depends what you want to do. I prefer having a laptop and then if I need to work for long periods of time I plug it into my Apple 20" display.

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    I talked with apple again and finaly, they gave accept to garantee it :-)
    I will save 1400$ then.

    I will continue my first option then, buy an external monitor... something like a Samsung 22 in. i guess...

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