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    Does buying aftermarket ram void my applecare
    I'm looking to buy a macbook pro along with applecare. I want the basic one. My question is do i have to buy the ultra expensive ram from apple, that is around $175 or can i keep my warrenty on my macbook and just buy the ram from someone else such as newegg?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, paintballswimgu.

    Adding RAM is in what Apple calls User Installable Parts. In every Mac you buy, there is a section in the User Manual that shows you how to install RAM in your computer and what type of RAM is needed. At least, that what I've always seen in every iMac I have bought so far.

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    So it is ok for my to buy aftermarket ram, and it will not void my warrenty?

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    No it won't. If it's in your user manual, I don't think Apple would encourage you to damage your Mac.

    Just make doubly sure you get the right kind of RAM and that you insert it correctly and all should be fine.

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    Yes, it is ok, and you can even do it by yourself!

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    Hey another person with paintball in their name! LOL


    And it would be weird if you couldn't install your own ram. Or if apple wouldn't let you.


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    Be sure to keep the old RAM
    You can install your own RAM, but if you ever have issues they will want you to replace it with the original RAM to test if the 3rd party RAM is the issue. And if you have to send for repair you'll want the original RAM as well.

    i.e. Be sure to keep the original RAM

    Somewhere in Florida

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