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Thread: Retrofit mod with Ti and Al?

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    May 15, 2007
    Retrofit mod with Ti and Al?
    newb here.

    My Powerbook G4 Titanium DVI is falling apart on me (hinges, bottom case bent, missing keys, needs new fans, video on its way out). Now it works fine. not the most aesthetic thing in the world, works as a Computer but not so much as a Laptop.

    My question is, can i get an Aluminium Case and swap out my HD, and what not in to that case? i mostly want to do this so that i wont have broken hinges in the future and i kinda like the feel of the Aluminum.


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    That won't work:
    The TiBooks had the ports on the back, where the AlBooks have their hinge.

    Plus different thickness etc. etc...

    My mom's powerbook has the same issue and I'm thinking about going this route:

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    thanks for the link!
    that looks pretty cool, but i still want the portability of a laptop, otherwise i'd just get a monitor and make it into a desktop.

    i guess making a franken-puter isnt that feasible.
    How about HDs? can i swap my HD into any other Laptop?
    i'm currently looking for a parts/case to replace my Ti. are there any Cases i can search for?

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