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Thread: iBook G4 800 RAM Upgrade question

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    iBook G4 800 RAM Upgrade question
    I am new to using Mac's and have recently made the switch from Windows. My iBook has met my expectations so far, but I want to upgrade the RAM to perhaps make it a little less sluggish. I see that Apple recommends a max of 640; however, I see that there are 1 gig RAM chips available. If I go beyond the recommended 640, will my computer get screwed up from it? I just want to use this laptop for a couple of months as I plan on getting a Powerbook soon. Should I just go with the 512 RAM upgrade instead? I have the iBook G4 800 mhz, 256 RAM, OS X Panther

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    No your computer won't screw up. When they recommend that..they mean they recomend no less than that. As long as your iBook can hold more than that..the memmory will only do wonders for you.

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    also, 1gig sticks are crazy expensive right now...hope you're willing to fork out like 400-500 bucks....I'd say get a 512 stick...and wait for the gig sticks to drop in price. But if you have the money, max that sob out, and rock on!

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    Should there be a big difference with the 512 upgrade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wickedbusa
    Should there be a big difference with the 512 upgrade?
    i have tried the 1g stick and there was not that much difference compared to 640. it is really a waste of money. if you want speed that bad, or have that level of memory requirements, get a powerbook. iBooks were not designed as video or audio editing workstations. if you are only going to do regular consumer stuff, 640 is plenty.


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    Increasing your memory does not increase the speed of your hardware. Increasing the memory enables you to have more applications open at one time. Also some of the processor heavy applications can use the extra memory, like photoShop.
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