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    Exclamation Keyboard & Trackpad not responding
    Hey there.

    Over the last month or so my 17" Macbook Pro's keyboard and trackpad seems to occassionally lock up, rendering the entire machine virtually unusable. A USB mouse I use functions properly to control the pointer, but without the keyboard functioning and can't log into my account on the computer, thus cannot access my files. Typically a forced restart will settle the issue.

    Last night, this was taken to a whole new extreme where the keyboard and the trackpad have completely locked. Restarts do nothing, and I searched the support section of the apple website and some various forums for a possible solution, but am yet to find one. This is very frustrating as there are some very important files that I need to access ASAP. If anyone has any knowledge about this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I think with something this easily reproducible, you need to head straight to the Apple store and have this taken care of under warranty, if yours is still eligible.
    Roger Michaels
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