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    May 08, 2007
    How long did it take to get delivered
    How long does it take to get your stuff from apple delivered??? I live in New York so I would imagine that it would take some time coming all the way from California. If you could tell me where you live, what you ordered, and how long it took to get there that would be great.

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    This I'm sure wil be an interesting thread:

    I live in Las Vegas, NV and on 4/30 I ordered the following:

    PowerBook G4 Battery
    Macbook (specs to the side) with Logic Express pre-installed
    AppleCare for above MB

    5/1 my Battery arrived from CA.
    5/7 my MB arrived from Shanghai, China
    5/12 my AppleCare "stuff" came in

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    A soild 7 days, standard shipping.

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    May 09, 2007
    ordered my pro on the 4th of may and got it the 7-8th

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    Well, Just for you to be aware, when u order ur New Mac if u have any different specs than the Stock ones they aren't shipping out of California. They are shipping from China.

    I ordered My Black MacBook 2.0GHz, 2GB Ram, and Upgraded the HDD to 160GB and it was shipped from Shanghai, China

    Placed Order on Wednesday April 18th 9:45 am and Received it on Monday April 23rd 9:45 am. I paid the extra $18 for Expedited shipping, which was worth it to me. I am in Wilmington, NC by the way

    The wait is a killer, but when u open the box its well worth it.

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    I live in Columbus Ohio.

    Shipped out of Shanghai, China at 4:25pm on Monday April 23rd. Arrived Wednesday April 25th at 9:55am. Standard Shipping.
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    Oh man, I love the anticipation of waiting for something to be delivered, especially a macbook. I used to get so excited when I'd get my ipods delivered!

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    mine took about 5 minutes - for someone to retrieve it from the back from of the apple store.
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    I sent my macbook off to applecare for a repair and had it back inless tha 48 hours. It really kinda creeped me out. But I was thankful!

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    Apr 30, 2007
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    From the time i placed my order to the time it arrived from china was 6 days.

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    Mar 14, 2009
    I ordered my new 17 inch Macbook Pro on March 3rd and still have not received and it still has not shipped. Tried to contact Apple since this is the third system I have ordered that have had excessive delays. I love how everyone always says California is where there stuff shipped from, my friend works for fedex and said that all Apple has is a return center in California when your packages are labeled and track through Cali they actually come from China on shipments to Bloomington, CA. Everytime I have ordered from them, including the compnent video cable I ordered from my touch tracked as Shanghai but showed the Laguna address. Whatever the deals is it really sucks when you are trying to run a business and you have to wait weeks for a system that can handle what you need because you have to change a piece of hardware. I tried going to the store and every guy in there was a "better than you jerk", so I chose to buy my machine direct. Only after I informed of what an idiot he was and where he could stick his attitude. I guess all of this is the price you pay for a good computer, that has become part of some trend.

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    I ordered my new MacBook Pro (spec on the bottom) on the day it was launched and it took me about 3 days to get it. Fyi, it was shipped from Shanghai, China.
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    I'm glad I found this thread. I didn't realize that my new unit would have to come all the way from Shanghai, China.

    It would have been faster for me to just buy my new/anticipated MPB 13" from the local Apple Store lol.

    I ordered mine on Sunday and still waiting. Per UPS, it's stuck at Customs in Kentucky waiting for approval. Now the date went from 12/2 to unknown. Doh!
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    May 02, 2009
    For me it took 14-18 days or something like that. I live in Europe though.

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