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    Eep- Discoloration
    Well, you might be able to see in the pics how discolored this MacBook is.

    Is this bad enough to take in to the apple store? It seems worse in real life.

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    hey iRye the images aren't showing.

    But if discoloration is the issue then I don't think u should wait until it gets worse, I know that apple does replace it if there is any sort of discoloration to the MacBook Casing.

    I'd say just take it to the apple store

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    Funny story...I took in my macbook on thursday to get the optical superdrive replaced. They told me it would take 3-5 days. Instead, I went to go pick it up the very next day. To my surprise, not only had they replaced the drive, but they had replaced the entire case of my computer! I had very little discoloration, but apparently they thought it was enough to replace it. I was quite pleased when I saw this. So if you have any discoloration just bring it in, as it is a known issue.

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