I have searched the web and have only found others with my problem, no solutions. Maybe someone here will know of a workaround...

I will be in the middle of browsing the web and I'll notice that the website quits responding. I look up at the menu bar, and sure enough, my wireless is grayed out. I reconnect to it and all is well. If I simply plug in the power adapter, this no longer happens. I have all power settings turned up for performance and I have tried the "Interface Robustness" whatever that is Smile I've also tried changing wireless channels on my router -- the problem persists. There are 5-6 other wireless networks in range of my house as well -- not sure if they could be interfering, but if they were, I'd expect to see the same issue on the Dell.

I am only about 25 ft away from the router, with full signal. My work laptop (Dell D610) doesn't have any connection issues with my router (a buffalo airstation).

Has anyone else encountered this issue, or know what may be causing it? It has persisted through an entire reload of Mac OS, so I don't think that it is a problem with any of the software installed.