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    Question Macbook bluetooth & verizon
    I am wondering if The macbook will recognize my lg vx 8600 mobile phone with service through verizon since both are bluetooth capable, I am hoping to transfer pics on the phone to the mac and phone #'s etc.
    Planning on pulling the trigger on a new white macbook this weekend.(1 gig ram,80 gig hd, and superdrive.)

    Thanks for all the help.

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    There might be a bit of a problem with connecting a Verizon phone to your Macbook via Bluetooth. Verizon severely cripples the Bluetooth on its phones, so you can do little more than use a Bluetooth headset. File transfer and internet sharing is generally disabled. However, I have seen custom software that unlocks the Bluetooth features for some phones, though I'm not sure if the LG VX 8600 is one of them.

    You might be wondering why Verizon does this. It's mainly so that you have to pay money to use Verizon's services, such as backing up photos and downloading ringtones.

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    White Macbook c2d 2.16ghz 1gig ram 120 gig hdd
    Thanks, Kash!! I have read a bit about Verizons limited bluetooth features at phonescoop, verizon sell a usb cable and software to transfer photos for $30 bucks but...... They nickle and dime YOU to death!

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    I can sync my verizon motorola phone just fine using iSync via bluetooth for calendars and contacts. File transfer is another thing altogether. You might try for more information. However, according to Apple, they do not support any LG phones. I have researched a bit, and I want the LG EnV (nor sure what # that one is). Possibly a hack would make it sync, but modem use would be another story.

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