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Thread: Keyboard and Trackpad unresponsive!

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    Unhappy Keyboard and Trackpad unresponsive!
    Iīve had my macbook for about 5 months now, it was recently given a new logic board to replace a bad ethernet connection. I was using the macbook, ran updates on it yesterday, everything perfect! Today, while I was surfing the net, checking my email, downloading css with steam (under crossover) the trackpad and keyboard suddently ignored all input. I didnīt notice at first as i was using the BT might mouse that was still working fine. I tried restarting, the keyboard *appears* to be dead from startup (same with the trackpad). Now I cant even log in as I dont have an external keyboard. I also tried to boot from a cd, but that also didnīt work (not even to eject the cd) as I need the keyboard to load the cd.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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    Hardware Issue?
    Im pretty sure this is nothing to do with OSX. When they replaced my logic board they must have not properly connected something. Thats Brazilian tech support for ya...

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    It sounds like a loose connection... Call Apple, and take it into them to have it fixed...

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