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    HAHA right click my mouse plz help
    hello all. small problem and it will probley make me look like a complete fool. as i go about my day with detailed searching for nu music many sites will forward me to a download which will only allow me to right click my mouse. having a laptop disallows me to do this. the problem source is quicktime. rare times in the past i click on save source inwhich i can obtain the mp3. but since then i have only been able to just listen it with the quicktime page. when i asked the host of the mp3 he said do me a favor jsun just right click the file and take it .. if anyone can help me out with the small problem i would be grateful and i know u will probley refer me to page #? in the mac manual.. thanks for your time all.

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    Ctrl+Click is essentially right click

    If you go into your mouse settings under System Preferences, you can change it so that you can "right-click" with a double finger tap on the trackpad

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    Or place two fingers on the trackpad and click the button to right click. Or if using safari, place your mouse over the link, pres down the option or alt key on your keyboard and then click the link (changes the browser's behavior to download rather than open).

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    3 this website rite here helps me the most, when i switched from pc to mac so check it a newbie and i get really confused using mac sometimes but overall i love the laptop

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