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    Exclamation HardDrive Problem!! Pls. HELP!
    Hi all. I have a PowerBookG4 and the HD crashed not long ago so i replaced it with a new Seagate HD which worked perfectly fine until now. I am still able to load OSX but sometimes the screen will dim the light with the warning saying that i need to restart the machine. In other situation the machine freezes as well while having DOS like text running down the screen saying CPU crash, something failure as such. I try to run the Disk Utility but it was unsuccessful because the machine just becomes non-responsive halfway. I also tried inserting the install disk for troubleshooting but i got the message saying that there was an exit error and failure to repair.

    So what should i do? It is a brand new HD, what would be the problem? Also if i reformatted the HD again, will it fix the problem? Thanks for all ur help!!

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    Did you ever get any help with this? It sounds like what's happening to me right now with my PBG4...

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    I would try to reinstall OS X again and see if that helps. If not there could be a number of different things wrong. I would like to say logic board but I'm not 100% sure but that's what your symptoms seem to point to. Another possibility is that your OS X discs are scratched resulting in an improper install of OS X. Check the quality of your discs. Also try to use another optical drive to install OS X. An external one.

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