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    macbook protective ware
    Hello all, I am a recent switcher. I got my macbook core duo yesterday. I plan on upgrading the hard drive and ram soon, but first I want to consider some protective cases and covers for it. Particularly looking at the hard shell cases, Techshell, Speck or the Macessity bookshell. Does anyone have any advice/experience they are willing to offer about any of these three options? I have read a bit about the techshell and quite alot about the speck, but the bookshell doesn't have many reviews floating around yet, but looks to be the best option since it has the cooling slots on the bottom and appears to be totally smooth, unlike the speck case.

    I was also wondering about palm/keyboard protectors. Are they worth it? Do they really overheat your mb like some say? I am debating between the moshi palm protectors, or a keyboard cover that extends over the palm rest. I am mostly interested in any experience some of you may have with the extended keyboard covers. Are there any issues with these, such as the screen not closing or being pushed against by the cover?

    Sorry for the long post, I am very excited about switching to mac and welcome all of your help. Thanks all.

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    I have a Speck Hard Case which I thoroughly recommend. I also got some stick-on wrist-rest and touchpad covers from eBay as there are stories of handprints staining the odd plastic of the top case. Those work well, they add a slight texture to the surface too, and keep grease and chocolate off the touchpad.
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    I got the Moshi palm protectors and am so far happy with them.

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    Shame they don't make those Moshi protectors for the 17" MacBook Pro. Anything out there along the same lines that might fit?

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