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Thread: Weird Issues, Small Complaints

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    Alright so far I'm enjoying my switch to a mac, but it's only been a month... so that might just change. My first problem arose this evening when just surfing the net. I went to shut down the computer and it went into sleep mode after me telling it to shut down, then I couldn't get it out of sleep.. no matter what I tried. Finally it came out of the sleep after about 5 mins and a small window was open saying something about file vault taking up too much space, but I souldn't actually read it because the "restart, shutdown, cancel," window was open but nothing that I was doing was registering. I finally had to hold the power button down until it shut off. Is this normal? I also have noticed that my power button os considerably lower on the keyboard side, leaving a real edge that I can feel.. not a big deal cause it still works but for 3 grand it shouldn't be like that. Anyone else experience these issues? Thanks for the help and say I had to get service to fix something like that button that will annoy me to no end... where do I take this machine? No Apple Stores around so do I gotta send it in? Thanks everyone!!

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    Okay sorry for the long post there, hopefully someone can give me an answer on it. I just looked at the power button thing a little closer and it appears that the small ring AROUND the power button has sank in a little on the keyboard side.. is this something that others have experienced? Is there a way tp pop it back into place without me having to send my MBP away? It seems like a big deal for something so small!

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    My power button is sunk a little on the keyboard side as well if this makes you feel any better.. I was never really sure if this was normal or not

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    I don't think it is and I plan on swinging by the "authorized" Apple repair centre as soon as I get the chance. It's not a "functional issue" but it certainly is an annoying one seeing as I want a non broken machine

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    its not really broken, its just aesthetically not to your liking.

    if your within your return period im sure theyll do something for you. if your not, good luck!
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