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Thread: Computer turning off

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    Computer turning off
    I recently just bought a macbook and whenever I leave my computer on for a long period of time or when it comes back from sleep mode it makes me manually turn off the computer, like it tell me to hold down the power button and turn it off. This really annoys me because I dont know who messaged me when I was gone. Am I doing something wrong that would make my macbook do this?

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    so you cant press the power button for a second and it comes up with options to shut down, restart or sleep ?

    try reparing the permissions. - I THINK THIS WILL HELP

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    Make sure you have the latest updates, 10.4.9. There is a firmware update that deals with this problem. You can also try these steps:

    make sure your software is up to date first. if you don't know how to check, blue apple>about this mac> under mac os x should be your version. If it's 10.4.8, click software update. If it's 10.4.9, try the steps listed above.

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