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Thread: In Need Of Help Reformatting Ibook G4

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    Question In Need Of Help Reformatting Ibook G4
    Hi Computer Gurus,

    I recently joined this great site. I am in need of reformatting my Ibook G4, my ex broke my disks and changed the passwords. So, I am asking for any help or suggestions you can offer to help me with this matter. I am still somewhat new to this system, I used window systems for sometime. Thanks in Advance.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, ComputerNoob.

    Your best (and only) option would be to buy a full install version of Mac OS X Tiger and using this method to change the password Mac OS X: Changing or resetting an account password.

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    Once you change the password(s) by using the install disk, you could burn any files you need to a DVD or CD, then use the install disk to reformat the drive and install another system.

    If you are in the vicinity of an Apple store, A "genius" might change the passwords for you, and you could do the rest later.

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