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Thread: The Screen

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    The Screen

    I am considering to buy a MBP, but first i want to know if the hatch on the screen is loose and flappy or nice and tight like a IBM laptop.

    Thank You.

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    Uh? Latch or hinge? The hinge is nice in that the display stays in place. The hinge is snug.

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    I use three laptops (IBM T42, MBP and T60p) and I can tell you the hinge is perfect on the MBP

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    Don't have a clue what an IBM laptop is like - and by hatch (are u in UK or where is it called that?) assume you mean the hinge - my screen will stay in any position I place it.
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    I have a ThinkPad R31 (old, yes) and, from my observation at the Apple store, I'd say the MBP hinge is not as tight. To me that's a good thing because the R31 is so tight it requires two hands to adjust the screen!
    That said, the MBP screen doesn't seem to go anywhere but where you put it, like bobtomay said above.
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    Hi, yeah i ment the hinge. Sorry

    Thank you for the answers

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    Hi Mxee.....I have an Acer (work) a Asus (Home daughter) and my really nice MBP.....I can tell you the build quaility and matrial quality on the MBP is the best of the three. Ok the Acer is a budget price PC, but I paid quite a lot for the Asus, and it is a good PC, howvere I feel the MBP is a better machine...and I'm not biased like some on the forum.
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    I agree....hinge on my MBP is perfect.

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    Prior to using the Macbook Pro, the notebooks I've used had been various Asus and IBMs (I've used every model from the T40 - T43). The "hinge" on the Thinkpads were all more snug than on the Macbook, which is not to suggest the latter is flimsy.

    The Asus I used was the model V6V. In design, it is very similar to the Macbook Pro's. Asus was once a major OEM for Apple, and the Macbook Pro's construction characteristics will be very similar to the Asus V6V. Since it's such a dated model, I'm not sure if you can find one to examine in closer detail.

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    Sound like the hinges is fine, i hate when the screen is loose, like on my crappy Zepto 6615WD

    Thank you for the replies

    Cheers from Denmark

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