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    G3 iBook battery problems
    My wife has a tangerine G3 iBook for which we bought a new battery a while back. The battery status shows up, but it always says 0%, no matter how long it's plugged in, even if she has the comp turned off for a while and plugged in. When she starts up, whether the battery is in or not, there is always a reset time and date message, and the date resets to 1969.
    I can think of two possibilities. First is that the battery, which is "compatible" - we were unable to find genuine Macintosh, of course - is just no good. Second is that there may be another back up battery which powers date & time storage, like there was in my blue & white G3 that I had to replace, after which it worked fine. Anyone know if an iBook would have a little battery like that that might need replaced, or where I could find one?


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    B&W G3, 400 MHz, 10.3; 2 GHz Gateway with WinXP and Debian Linux dual-boot
    OK, I found some info on resetting PRAM and PMU, but my wife is not letting me try it now, so I'll post later if it doesn't work...

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    Good luck with those. I don't think the PMU thing will change anything but it can't really hurt either. PRAM could be more likely, me thinks. Although I hate to say it it might be the battery though. How long ago did you guys buy a new one?

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    The battery might just be no good. Check ebay for a battery. That is your best shot
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