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    Question College Macbook bag
    Hey Guys,

    I will be receiving my first MAC at the end of the month for a nice graduation present, for college.(2.0 GhZ 2.0 GB RaM and 120 GB HD Black) Pretty excited.
    I will be going to a major university next year and I am in the market for a nice backpack to carry all of my essentials.(Books, Notebook, Music, and all that other stuff). I am looking for a nice backpack <$100 Usd. I have looked around and found a couple of packs. Tell me which one you like and why and give me suggestions. Thanks

    Analog Messenger $85

    Nixon Sum. $95

    Gravis Backpack $ 85

    Burton Distortion Pack $60

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    My friends swear by this backpack
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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41 View Post
    That looks good, but is it waterproof ?

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    Msamuelson34, it seems like your options offer fairly similar features and accessibility. So, on looks and sleekness, I prefer the gravis or burton, but the camouflage has the edge!
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    I just got the Surge from North Face at Ebags and am very happy with it.

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    I bought the evolution bag from stm. STM makes a great product.

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    I hear that a backpack is better for your back than a shoulder strap bag
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    No doubt, equal weight distribution is better skye. I carry mine around in a briefcase looking thing, so I guess that I'm doing myself no favors.

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