I'm sitting here in my C++ programming class right now, and noticing a funny trend among students. Besides myself and one other student, everybody in the class is using PC laptops. Each morning when I come into class, everybody gets out their PCs, drags out their power adaptors and cords and whatnot, and plugs them in. They then proceed to boot Windows and they sit there and wait.

I walk into class, pull out my tiny 12" Powerbook, flip it open, and start taking notes.

It just amazes me that people are willing to put up with their PC laptops. Most of them have very poor power management, and as a result, horrible battery life. And as any Windows user knows, PC's don't have a proper "sleep" mode like Macs do. You either turn it on, or off...so they have to boot them every class session. I also notice that the PC users dim their screens WAY down to conserve battery life, and they sit there and squint at the screens because they can't see them anymore. And as I sit here typing, a girl just caught her sleeve on one of those flimsy plastic CD trays that PC laptops have.

I'm so damn happy with my Powerbook. I cannot for the life of me understand how I ever lived with a PC as my primary computer...especially in the world of laptops.