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    Price of a Refurbished 2.16 Core 2
    Hey guys. Didn't quite know where to ask this. I haven't had the chance of running into a 15" MBP 2.16ghz on the refurb site. If I remember correctly the 2.33ghz goes for $1999.99? Does the 2.16 go for $1499.99? Thanks!

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    i remember looking at the price of the 2.16 a week ago and it was $1599

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    those things sell like hot cakes man, if u see one and u wanted a MBP, go for it, they still come with a 1 year warranty, plus it's certified by apple, so i won't worry about it, plus, you save quite a bit

    everyday, i'm tempted by the displays in the refurb section..

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    $1599 is the correct price. I purchased that exact model, and I could not tell the difference from new. It was mint, and all the cords and software were still wrapped in plastic. Only difference is, it comes in a brown plain box, rather than the retail box. Best deal in town.

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