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Thread: Macbook on top of Neoprene Case

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    Macbook on top of Neoprene Case
    While working in the library I use a lock to secure my Macbook. The problem is that the lock is wider than the Macbook, meaning that the Macbook does not sit flush to the desk. A possible solution I found is to sit the Macbook on my Incase sleeve. I don't use any heavy applications while in the library which would make my Macbook so hot, so I was wondering if anyone thought this might not be a good idea. If it isn't a good idea, does anyone have another easy solution for elevating the Macbook. Thanks.

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    i dont know wher eyou go to school or how safe it is or anything but i'd suggest only locking your book while you are away from your desk, that will basically solve the entire issue....

    regarding leaving it on your case....your temp will go up but if you are just on the web and typing i dont see it causing much of an issue you can download istat to help monitor your temps if you are worried or want to test out the temp increase
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