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Charlotte_RG 04-29-2007 10:18 PM

So I checked OWC...and I'm confused! please help me!

After thinking and researching thoroughly I realised I want a 3GB memory upgrade on my new soon to arrive 15" MacBook Pro. The apple store in my country charges me 1,024 dollars (can you believe that?) for the memory upgrade. So I went do OWC ( And there is:

an OWC brand 3GB kit that costs 239.99 dollars

and a Micron Factory Original 2GB stick for 319.99 dollars

My question is: should I buy the cheap 3GB OWC brand kit, or should I buy the factory original 2GB stick and instal it in the extra slot on my MacBookPro? that way, combined with the original 1GB stick I would have 3GB memory.

What is the best option?

Kash 04-29-2007 10:25 PM

That 2GB stick from Crucial is seriously overpriced. I'm looking at prices at Newegg and they range from $189 to $219, much cheaper than the $319.99 Crucial is charging.

You say "my country". Which one would that be? Perhaps somebody here can find you a cheaper retailer for memory. If you could get a 2GB stick for around $200, then you would be saving money compared to both the options you posted.

Charlotte_RG 04-29-2007 10:31 PM


My country is Portugal. I checked for ram in portuguese sites and i'ts all so expensive. I wanted to buy from an american site because of the conversion. We use euros and there is a huge conversion from dollars, so buying from an american site will always get me cheaper ram. I'm just too confused, I want good Ram, but not to expensive, and certainly not the 1,000 dollars the apple store in my city wnats to charge for it!

MacHeadCase 04-29-2007 10:36 PM

If you go with RAM that has a lifetime warranty, you should be fine. If ever there is a faulty module, it is replaced with a brand new one. I have dealt with OWC in the past and they are very good and efficient. Each RAM in those those links have lifetime warranty so either would be fine, IMO.

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