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    Mar 15, 2007
    Squeaky hinge on macbook. Does yours squeek? Any way to stop it?
    My black macbook has started squeaking whenever i open or close it. Its very annoying in library or any other place where i have to be quiet. Does anyone else have this issue or figured out how to stop it?

    Maybe graphite lubricant. I really have no idea, but i would like it to stop.
    Thanks for any and all input


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    I'd say some WD-40 or 80W-90 gear oil would fix er right up! Just kidding, that is the last thing you'll want to put on there. I don't see where graphite lube would hurt besides turning your computer black if you rub the dust.
    No iMac.

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    May 01, 2007
    How's your screen?
    I saw your posting efore about the water. My screen did the same thing yesterday. Did your screen clear up?

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    My scree started to squeek about 2 or3 months after i got it (aug/06) but after awhile it seems to have gone away on its own.... maybe w/e was rubbing just wears off... the screen still stays in place and is firm to open and close...

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    well at least that gives me hope. I hope it goes away soon. its pretty annoying

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    This trick worked like a charm. THANKS A TON!

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