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    dual 2.5 ghz g5 desktop with ati 800x video card,14" iBook 1gb
    ibook g4+wd my book=crash.

    I've had a western digital my book for about a month and its causing my ibook to crash. It started out just not being able to copy anything over 4gbs then it got to be 14mbs- without finder locking up and forcing me to hard-restart my computer.

    Then, a couple nights ago after trying to copy a ~700mb .avi from the external disk to my ibook, I got a kernal panic. All I had to do was repair my internal disk with the restore cd though.

    This is really bad because I have some pretty important stuff on there. I've tryed repairing it via disk utility- it says that there aren't any "errors" on the disk and there is nothing to fix.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Have you formatted it for Mac? I have the Mybook pro (has firewire support, only different I believe) and haven't had any problems. If you didn't format the hd for mac, you should be able use it on a PC. I haven't formatted mine and it will work on PCs. You could transfer your stuff to the pc and burn dvds or something as backup there.
    Maybe you can use one of those cloning softwares or something.
    I don't really know. Sorry man.

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    down side to leaving the HD unformatted is that it is formatted on fat32 which is less reliable....

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