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    Apr 17, 2007
    Power cord...
    Just wondering if anyone else's power cord (the little white box unit part of the power cord) gets hot? Mine is definitely WAY WARM



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    oh, yeah. The middle/box part can get really hot. I did actually find that the part that plugged into the MB wasn't connecting properly and it was "arcing" there. The apple store replaced the cord. That end of the cord was actually looking corroded/scorched. If you do a search on here for "heat" and "hot" you'll find you're not the only one with questions about heat.
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    Apr 17, 2007
    Thanks, I figured it was normal, but definitely going to keep an eye on it.

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    Mar 25, 2007
    keep an eye on it just in case, but mine definitely gets pretty warm too. Don't think its anything too serious to worry about as long as it doesn't get crazy hot.
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    My unit got really hot last night after I ran the battery update. It's back to being a little bit warm now.

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    Mine has been plugged for hours and it just stays warm. This has always been the case. Perhaps you need to check if there is a good grip at the sockets and it is not loose.

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    Mine was so warm that the shrink wrap plastic began to bubble. It is normal though.
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    If I have my Macbook charging, sometimes I hear a noise coming from the white box part of the adapter. Also the tips of the prongs seem to be scorched for some reason. Is this normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaDDoG View Post
    Mine was so warm that the shrink wrap plastic began to bubble. It is normal though.
    Umm.. you should really remove the shrink wrap. It's not meant to be in place while you're using the power supply.

    For what it's worth, every Apple power supply I've ever owned gets warm. The only one that doesn't is an aftermarket power unit from another manufacturer.

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