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    Bad battery stops my MBP being noisy
    I have one of the girst gen MBPs purchased just over a year ago, and like a lot of other people i have suffered with a noisy LH CPU fan almost since day 1.

    A couple of weeks ago my battery indicator started showing the 'X' in it and after surfing the net i found that this was an indication that i had one of the 'bad batteries' being recalled by Apple. So i phone the local apple service center and a few days later my new battery arrives in the post.

    I plug it in and after a few minutes the LH fan mentioned above starts to go into overdrive - and i literally mean overdrive - running continously at ~3000 RPM and sounding like it's just about to explode.

    I can re-create this at will. If i put the old 'dead' battery in my MBP it is as quiet as a mouse but as soon as i shut-down and put in the new battery it goes ballistic.

    Has anyone heard of this before and is there a solution ?


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    The only thing I can think of is that the heat from the charging circuit is making the fan spin up.

    What happens when the battery is fully charged (no lightning bolt in the menubar?)

    What happens when there's no battery in the machine at all?

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