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Thread: 14" G4 Screen Issue - Please Help!!!

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    14" G4 Screen Issue - Please Help!!!
    I finally got the iBook I won on eBay. I knew of this screen issue going in and at first thought I would have to replace the monitor. I got to thinking the issue and thought it may just be a damaged cable. A few other people felt the same way.
    The screen isn't damaged. It will still perfectly displays an image on the top half of the monitor. It isn't a hardware issue because because it will still work fine if it is hooked up to external monitor.
    I spent an hour last night taking apart my iBook and messed around with cables with no luck. I booted from the battery (while still in a million pieces) and still having the same problem. I haven't completely disassembled the monitor yet because my cousin has an 12" 800MHz G4 he just took apart to drop in a new HD and some RAM. We also bought superdrives for both computers so we were planning on taking apart the computers anyways. To get to the point, I was thinking of hooking up his working monitor (cables only) to be 100% sure it's a monitor issue I am having and not a hardware issue. It could just be that a cable fried though.
    I am just looking for advice here. Has anyone run into this situation? Has anyone fully dismantled a G4 display and is there anything to look out for? I've been using for the longest time and love the site. They don't talk about taking apart the monitor so I really don't want to break it if there is nothing wrong with it.

    ugh.... I also have a co-workers G3 500MHz dual USB "snow" laptop which is also having a monitor issue I need to fix this weekend. I haven't tested it or taken it apart but he says the monitor only works when it's opened 1/3 of the way. If it is opened any more or any less, the laptop will power up but not display an image. He's a little weird, so I doubt he is going to put any money in to it. He bought it for way to much and put a ton into it already, like $600. So I need cheap fixes on this one. As for mine, I'd rather not think about buying a display although I went into this thinking I'd need one.

    Here's the photo from the eBay auction:

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    on the g3, my iBook back lighting will go out if i tap the monitor the wrong way. it is intermittent though. in good lighting you still might be able to see the images on the screen. that would indicate that teh back light has a problem and then trouble shoot from there.

    on the g4, i really dont understand what the problem is.

    also, disregard the PM i sent you because this thread is the answer.


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    could be a logic board issue?
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    About your co-worker's G3 500MHz, sounds like a wire feeding the screen video signals gets pinched when the lid is opened all the way but am no way an expert.

    Wasn't there an issue about a wire being pinched with PowerBooks a few years ago?

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    I worked with a Toshiba a long time ago now that looked just like that. Picture at the top and just white the rest of the way down. In this case it was the the display itself that was bad. I was able to find a parts laptop with good display and that solved it. If you can hook up your cousins display and see if that solves it. I could be wrong but almost sure it will.

    On that other iBook G3 500, a friend had that issue and said it was either the cable getting pinched or something to do with the magnetic switch that the ibook uses when you close the lid. He got his working and it's never messed up again.

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    Thanks for all your help.
    I plugged in the cousins monitor and it worked no problem. I took the whole monitor apart and I am going to try and replace the data cable first. A replacement was $20. I want to try that instead just purchasing a new monitor. I will update later in the week if it works or not.
    As for the G3 iBook. I don't want to take it apart. If it is a pinched cable, that should be cakework.

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    i hope the data cable works
    i would think that the systemboard is sending good information to the screen if it shows up on another good screen and an external monitor. My guess is that as it gets information for either sections of the screen or lines of the LCD, one of these isn't in sync, throwing off the rest of the screen. My guess is a bad screen. It may be that a lose connection has caused oxidization of part of the data cable, so even if it's fully in place it will act like a bad connection.

    As for taking the screen apart, repair4laptop is pretty good as well. You may have to piece together a few of them to get what you need. I found it surprisingly less complicated than the main computer housing and with far fewer screws to deal with.

    of course you have probably already completed the job.

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    can you tell me if the cable was the problem? my iBook is doing the EXACT same thing....but i listed it on ebay to get a new macbook...but if its a $20 fix, then i will take it off. HURRY HURRRY! ;-)

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