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    Jan 23, 2007
    Annoying buzz coming from power block
    The power block that connects to the extension cord or plugs into the wall emits a buzzing sound when I'm using my laptop while it's plugged in. It's louder at certain times, like when I'm processing something or scrolling a webpage.

    Is this normal? It's not so loud as to be distracting, but noticeable.

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    Is it new? I'd get a replacement if so. Buzzy power supplies are usually on the way out.
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    i agree. Mine most certainly doesn't buzz. Perhaps that one is defective?

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    If I put my ear up to mine, then yes I hear a buzz. Through normal activity, I do not.

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    i got an electric shock from mine lol (i did pull it out without turning it off so its my fault not an issue with the powerblock itself) just a warning. Turn it off before unplugging it!
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    hmmm..loud buzzing isnt normal....i can hear a slight noise if i press my powerful ears of youth up against it....but i wud hardly call it loud or say get a new one before u fry ur mac!
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