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    Issues with my Macbook Pro
    I've had some hardware related issues with my macbook pro recently, firstly the touchpad button sticks from time to time and I have to either push it down really hard to pop it back up or try to pull it up myself. Secondly there's a really noticable dip where the superdrive is located that's crushing the drive, the top flap of the superdrive now sticks out by a lot, a dvd got stuck in there and I had to push the top part of the slot up by a bit with a ruler to get it to chuck out a part of the disk so I could take it out.

    I've only had it for a month, so would it still be covered? I didn't buy the applecare package.

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    You have one year on the warranty, and 90 days return policy. I suggest you take advantage of it and return the Mac.

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    Did something fall on it? I cannot imagine what would be causing a dip near the superdrive or any buldging in the case itself.

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    Take it back and get it replaced. It would take a great deal of heat or weight to casue what you are describing..they are pretty strong. Has it been like that since you purchased it?
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    Maybe it's heat? I did a lot of really graphics and cpu heavy stuff like gaming, etc that caused temps of up to 68 degrees C maximum, but I didn't let it get any higher than that.

    Nothing ever fell on it, I guess I'll just get it replaced... *sigh* I think there was a slight dip at one point, but now it's just getting larger and larger and I have no idea why, would apple kick up a fuss if I ask for a replacement? Also I got the glossy screen with mine so will I be able to get a replacement with a glossy screen?

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    From reviews I have read, Apple do have good customer service, and I do have some experience with it(in Singapore) when my iPod earphones run into some problems.

    However, apple's quality control is really quite bad,even though it is a premium product

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