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    Unhappy need help here please!!!
    hi:headphone ,
    i'm sam and i have a 120 GB Pen-drive kinda thingy.......but it not that small like a pendrive but a little bigger than that.....ok heres the question...when i connect this thing to my laptop it views everything and i can copy and everything ...but the problem is that .... i can't "PASTE":closed: anything in the drive.....i don't know say only "read permission"....and i cannot paste anything in please help me in this.....i have a Linux SuSe 10.0 also and windows xp proffesional........its the same problem in Linux SuSe 10.0...won't paste no permission...but in windows no problem:dive: ...

    so please help me if u can

    Thank You

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    Sounds like the drive is formatted NTFS ... read only in other words. Connect to your PC or Mac and format it DOS or FAT32 (the same thing).

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