I've recently set up my MBP as a desktop replacement for my PC and hooked up my Logitech MX-518 USB mouse. I've noticed that after the mouse has been plugged in for a few hours and then I disconnect it so I can take the laptop into another room the screen goes gray and I get an Apple error message in a few different languages telling me to hold down the power button to restart or shut down the computer. I'm trying to figure out what the story is. I don't see anything on the desktop to eject before removing the mouse and sometimes I notice that when I plug in/unplug the mouse within a short amount of time I don't get any errors at all. I thought it was because I installed some logitech mouse drivers for the mac and I also tried installing USB overdrive. I uninstalled the logitech software and USB overdrive and it didn't change anything.

I'm still a Mac newb in a lot of ways so if anybody has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.