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Thread: Battery not responding.

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    Battery not responding.
    I am having trouble with my battery responding. Whenever i unplug my power adapter and go to turn it on, it wont respond. So when i plug back in and reboot, the battery icon only shows an "x" and the charge light on the plug is green. My buddy had a similar sounding problem and he had to buy a new battery. If anyone has any ideas that will save me the trouble of getting a new battery, please let me know. Thanks.

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    No solution to save you trouble. If your computer is still within it's 1-year hardware warranty, call Apple and get a new battery. There is no other fix that works. I'm not sure if it's a defective battery or something in the 10.4.9 firmware update. Mine didn't go until after I reset the smc/pmu after the update. I had 94% battery health and 54 cycles, then poof, black x.

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