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sak 04-24-2007 05:21 PM

hi all
am a new macbook user , just bought a new one , 2.0 GZ with 2 GB of memory , got it in the second week of april , and had issues with machine freezing up on me , tech support did everything they cud on the fon and finally 4th day into my purchase , they decided to give me a replacement.
got my replacement last night , and GUESSS WUT in the intial setup , my book froze on me again , i was PISSSSSSSED . had to power it down with long press of power button ,
i started it back up and guess wut safari froze on me , did the option + apple + P +R and started it back up it seemed fine , in few minutes i was in mac help and it froze again , within 4 hrs 3 times forze up on me , i did not want to sleep as it was way pass 2 at night but no apple fon support at that time so went to sleep and called apple in the morning ,
not to mention it froze again using safari ,
apple tech support helped me with diagnostics , nothing came faulty
and then product specialist guided me thru to re installation of OS , was a longgggggggggggg process took me almost 2 hrs ....
and book worked fine for atleast 4 hrs ...
i hv not used it after that but am not very happy about reinstalling the OS , shud'nt they check all these things b4 shipping the product.
any comments?
anyone went thru this?
is there a chance that they replaced my new book with a refurbished one?
i am really disappointed to some extent.
i wud like to read some comments about it

MinaMACMan 04-24-2007 06:11 PM

I am amazed and shocked reading your post!

I am a New as New can be to the Mac World. I just got my Black MacBook yesterday Morning and from the time I took it out of the box to the time I was online its was under 5 minutes no lying!

And I have been using it since and it has been, knock on wood, flawless so far. I am really surprised that you had to go through all this trouble. I honestly haven't heard about something like that happen! and I did a lot of research before I get the MacBook.

Well, again sorry to hear your having all those problems, hope it works well and that you enjoy it now!


narf1899 04-24-2007 08:11 PM

well u havent had any problems since the re-install, right? shud be fine for a while...if not, take it back...thats all i got
btw, this is not a normal apple experience...they're a great company....most of the time...

proxy 04-24-2007 08:16 PM

I think you will get just about the same post from every one saying that they have had no poblems and how grate apple is, and i will have to say it as well i got my macbook c2d about 5months ago now and havent had any problems with it a grate bit of kit.

bryphotoguy 04-24-2007 08:52 PM

Every once and while products are faulty. No company nor computer is perfect 100% of the time. Sorry to hear for your troubles though.
Give it a few days/ weeks. If it doesn't freeze again by then, you should be in the clear. It may just be that some file was out of place or something happening during install and the freezing was due to a software issue. I would think if it was a hardware problem, the freezing would continue after a reformat and clean install.
One would assume they test the item before it ships. If the freezing didn't occur in the few minutes it was inspected, the problem would go unknown.

dadsgravy 04-24-2007 09:43 PM

It seems very strange that you would get two defective computers. What was happening during setup when it froze? Did you have any thing in the drive or anything plugged in to it? Have you tried to install windows or any third party programs on any of your two macs? Not that I'm trying to disprove you, but the odds of this happening to you twice are astronomical!
Everything in me says it was something you were doing. I'm not trying to start a fight with you. i just can't wrap my mind around the fact that this would happen to the same person twice. If it did, maybe you should rethink apple. That's some bad mojo!

GulfVetSAF 04-24-2007 09:50 PM

Dude, I would be furious! Honestly, it probably would have kept me from doing the switch. However, I'm new to macs as well (for about a month now) and I haven't had ONE issue. If I were you though, I'd seriously consider writing someone at Apple and explaining your frustrations. Be tactful, professional and express your displeasure (especially after all the ads etc). I wouldn't be surprised if you're given a little credit or even another mac. PR is VERY important for Mac and you deserve what they advertise... best of luck man.

sak 04-24-2007 10:29 PM

it has not frozen yet
thanx u all for replying and giving ur thoughts...
it has not frozen yet since i reinstalled the OS
i hope it does not ...
and yes i had installed only msn and yahoo no other thrid party s/w.
but the first time it froze on me was when i was in the INITIAL SETUP at the point machine was brand new outta box nothing touched or installed so may be it just neede reinstall of OS.
wud keep u guys posted.
thanx and regards

milessthomas 04-25-2007 12:24 AM

I'm sorry this has been your so far experience with os x and mac for that matter. I've not heard from many people having that many issues with brand new macs. Hope all goes well and you don't get any more crashes!

sak 04-25-2007 10:24 PM

i am getting a replacement again
so keeping my fingers crossed ....

farnzy 04-25-2007 10:54 PM

my new mac book, same specs as yours, has been amazing. Starts up so fast, finds the net pronto, only one freeze.... yahoo messenger beta program caused it. This is easily the best computer i have ever purchased.

buttuh 04-26-2007 01:34 AM

Sorry to hear about your experience. I've had my MacBook C2D for a week now and it's working out pretty good. And believe me I'm no Mac apologist.

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