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    Proper way to clean screen???
    Hey guys.....

    I'm trying to keep the best care as possible to my macbook pro..... I have a few small smudges on my screen. Its the 15.4-inch (viewable) widescreen
    1440 x 900 pixels..... Not the glossy screen.

    What is the best way to clean it?

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    Mar 17, 2007
    Oh I forgot to add...

    Thanks again for answering my questions so quickly. You guys have always been great about answering my questions in no time!!!

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    To be honest, the best way to clean the screen is with a damp cloth. You don't really need to waste money on all those fancy cleaners. Plus, in many cases, they can actually ruin the screen instead of cleaning it.

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    A damp cloth is best for dust and light dirt, but it won't remove greasy finger prints, like those left by my two-year-old. For that I use Spic n' Span Cinch. I've been using it on laptop screens for years and never had a problem. It's a common household glass cleaner that is ammonia-free (this is key) and is available just about anywhere. It leaves the screen streak-free and looking like new. (I know this sounds like a commercial), but I'm enamored with the stuff - kind of like the father from "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding". I use it on everything
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    Lightbulb Eye-glass cleaner
    Don't use Windex or other regular glass cleaner... laptop screens have anti-glare and scratch and whatever coatings that regular glass cleaner will remove (slowly).

    Prescription eye-glass or sunglass cleaner is good. It is a lighter solution that is made for surfaces with protective coatings.


    Edit: and a very soft cloth. Not paper towel.

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    If you want to spend $20 for something really good, I recommend
    iKlear. More of a polish, it will do more justice for your screen than
    most ordinary cleaners will.

    Look on AMAZON.COM for iKlear (or

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    warm damp towel gets all my greasy finger prints off no problem.

    and its free
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