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    Mouse not responding
    I just set up my new Macbook to work with an external monitor. Everything is working fine except that the mouse, a plain one from Dell, isn't working. Do I have to get another mouse, I am already thinking about a wireless one for Macbook, or is there something else that I can do to get it to work. Thanks.

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    any external mouse should work - usb or bluetooth. how did you connect your mouse? dirctly or USB hub? did you look through the settings in your system preferences to see if there is something obvious?

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    I should have given details. The keyboard and mouse are PS/2 and attached to the Macbook through an adapter (cheapo for a few dollars). The KVM switch is from Iogear.

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    ur macbooks got built in bluetooth....i wud suggest ditchin all those adapters and pick up a wireless logitech or mighty mouse.
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    I was intending to get another mouse, but was wondering if I could work something out until then.

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    Probably have to use the trackpad for awhile until you get a bluetooth mouse.

    I have a bluetooth Mighty Mouse, and really like it. However some people a) don't like them (yes, the ball occasionally gets a bit gummed up and won't scroll, but I have yet to fail to unstick it with a little buffing) b) they are expensive (but I was in a splurging mode; got a matching BT Apple keyboard too) c) they're really a one-button mouse with a sensor that detects whether your right finger clicked; if you're left finger is on the mouse, it'll register a right click. This does not bother me much though I've accidentally done a left click when I wanted to right, but for some people they just don't like it. Also the 'fourth button' is a little hard to 'squeeze', but I've gotten used to it. I've mapped that to Exposť - All Windows and like it muchly.

    My MM goes with me wherever I take my Macbook but in a pinch (with the exception of gaming) the trackpad works wonderfully. My wife used to use a graphics tablet all the time but since getting her Macbook she's always using just the trackpad. Her wireless (non-bluetooth) mouse sits forlornly on the desk. Well, okay it's hooked up to the old Mac Mini for the entertainment center, but still.

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