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    macbook has slight bump on surface to left of tab button
    my white macbook intel core 2 duo is still under warranty but i dont feel like sending it in- i have the tools and i can find out how to take off top to inspect what the problem is. And here what the problem is- there is a slight bump up from something underneath the plastic surface just to the left of the tab key- and just above the firewire socket. It is almost like there is a screw or something pushing up the plastic top. i didnt notice at first but now that i know it is there i can't stop looking at it. when i look from the side it is obvious I know that it should be fixed because the mat finish on the white plastic is starting to become shiny from when the top closes on it. Do any of you think that i should take the chance to see if i can fix it myself. I'm very good with tools ,etc.
    thanks for input..

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    The problem with you trying to fix it yourself is that you WILL void the warranty. So despite you having the technical skills to check it out, it's in your best interest to send it into Apple to have it repaired.

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    yah, definitely apple - would't do anything myself. you can proof your skills after a couple years when you don't have the warranty use it while you have it

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    Yea - don't mess with it. Apple is your friend. Just try not to make it seems like you may have dropped it.

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