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    Poweradapter (only plug) for MacBook Pro

    me and my sis are going to live in new york city (richmond hill) for 2.5(me), 4(her) month there.
    we are taking our MacBook Pro's with us, but we only got swiss-power connectors.

    now, i could just get the "Apple World Travel Adapter Kit" but paying 80$ (we got to MBP, so two adapters needed), for only two adapter is quite expensive.

    so, anybody an idea where to get these adapters from?
    best would be if i not only could buy the adapter, but also the seperate "extra-cable" which ships with the computer.

    so to buy just the adapter, as well the power-cord
    any online store?

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    When I travel internationally, I can use my computer power bricks just about anywhere since they're rated 120-240 volts, etc. Is your power brick not compatible with US power for some reason? If not, you can easily find travel adapters to convert the power and plugs that will convert to the common US plug. Only problem is that voltage converters that run enough current for your laptops will be just about as expensive as the World Travel Adapter kit. Maybe not quite, but you definitely want to be sure you're purchasing a power adapter that's going to give you consistently enough juice to run your computer (or not overload it).

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    no the problem is not the powerbrick.
    the powerbrick for the apple macbookpro charger ist 100-230V which works for booth europe and US.

    the problem is the "shape" of the powerplug.

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