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    Apr 08, 2007
    speed up fan on ibook?
    does anyone know how to speed up the fan for an ibook, i tried smcfancontrol but that doesn't work on ibooks evidently

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    I'm trying to understand why you need to mess around with it.
    The installed control works very well on my ibook, comes on when it's hot and turns off when it's not. The temp goes down pretty quickly. (I'm using iStat nano widget to keep track)
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    Agreed, I have never had heat issues with my 1.33Ghz G4 iBook at all. The Fan comes on when it should. Never a problem.

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    Apr 08, 2007
    well mine gets very hot and stays very hot

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    Jun 08, 2007
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    im having an issue also, its get hot in the left side, on top of the hard disk, and no software can give me a reading on the CPU temp, only the HP temp, what can be wrong? my ibbok isw a G3

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