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Thread: Macbook Power Supply - Confirm compatability A1105

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    Macbook Power Supply - Confirm compatability A1105
    Hi All,

    Will be proud new owner of a Macbook in just a few days and I've already started investigating the necassary accessories.

    Can anyone confirm or denie that the Apple A1105 power supply works with the Macbook 13.3?

    There is a listing from this website:
    (It's also available on ebay for about $35 bucks shipped)

    It has the same exact stats as the A1172(what the Macbook 13.3 ships with):
    85W Power Adapter Input: AC 100-240V 2.0A Output: DC 18.5V 4.6A

    BUT it costs about half as much.

    The only difference I could anticipate is that the A1105 does not appear to be Magsafe, but the connector looks to be the same...


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    That's a power supply for a Mac Mini-- it is not compatible with a MacBook. The connector is different.

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