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Thread: Doa C2d Mbp

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    Doa C2d Mbp
    Lots of abbreviations, but the important thing is, has anyone else ever had or heard of this?

    i took reciept of a brand new (to me) refurb mbp today.

    Great i thought. all shiney and new.

    Only problem being as soon as you connect the power supply, the fans go at full speed. (the laptop is not running at this point)

    if you start the computer up, the fans go back to normal, if you unplug it while its off, the fans go back to normal. If you shut it down while still plugged in, the fans go back to normal.

    so wierd.

    the applecare guy said he'd never heard of it before, and i argued them into sending me a new one without having to wait for mine to go back, or to get it repaired / refunded.

    i guess its sorted with a new one on the way, but its a pretty wierd problem, and an annoyance to get a "DOA" one too.



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    Sounds like Apple is standing behind their product. Good on them. Sorry to you for having to deal with it.

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    So there's still a chance for all heck to break loose then?



    i am really pleased with the way apple dealt with this, its just pretty wierd that their testing products before sending them out wasnt a little more thorough.

    lets hope the next one comes in okay.


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