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Thread: Refrub return!!

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    Refrub return!!
    okay here is the story. I bought a refurb macbook 183 with 512. i know not the most powerful unit but i just bought an imac so i had to keep the funds down. i picked up the extra care and off i went. the first time i booted up it did the software update and shut down. i got the white folder and called apple. we got it started and i thought it had to do with the update and off again. the next day the same folder. this happened for 5 days straight. i was on the phone and took it to a mac store.

    the store said it was the motherboard and i wasn't happy but okay fix it. 7 more days went bye and they didn't work on it. called apple and after about 3 hours on the phone i got to the right person. they told me to ship it back and they would send me a new one for the same price.

    the new macbook is fine and i'm somewhat happy but went through a lot of bs to get it right but i did get a new macbook for a refurb $

    so was the refurb the problem i can't say but i'm not a buyer for a refurb again. apple did step up to the plate. after some work so i have mixed feelings.

    the macbook is great!!!


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    Glad you got your issue fixed. Congrats and enjoy!

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    thanks the new one is great!! I'm very happy with it.


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    i dont have no mac's
    im glad you got it sorted out i am sorry on apple's behalf on the long fix time...

    and yea i had no problem reading that but no real use for the all bold font
    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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    Sorry I didn't know I did it. I'll see if I can edit it.


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