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    I have a screw loose...well, actually, my MBP does. Exactly what kind of screwdriver/tool will I need to get so I can tighten this baby up; I'd hate to have that loose screw damage my case. Is it something I can pick up at WalMart, or Target?

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    im assuming the same screws (in the Powerbook) are used in the Macbook Pro, if that's the case then you would need a #00 screwdriver.

    Apple recommends Philips screwdrivers, but i'm currently have a Fuller set, and it works great.

    i just checked the MBP's user guide and what i said was right.
    if you want to see it for yourself... go to this link
    and type in Macbook Pro user guide... find the appropriate link and you'll download a .PDF file

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