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    Going through withdrawals and a funny dream
    My husband is working out of town this week, which he rarely does, and wanted to bring along a computer to watch movies and play games on. Since my kids need theirs for school, I stepped up and volunteered mine. He's never used a mac, so I gave him a little training session on how things work, how to run a dvd, and how to switch to bootcamp so he could play games. Once he ran through starts and restarts himself a few times I figured it was safe to let him take it. He left last night. It was so STRANGE working on our windows desktop - even though I'm on one all day at work. It was just wierd. I miss my mac. I miss my hubby too, of course - lol.

    Here's the funny part: I had a dream last night that I had THREE MBP's, two of which were still new in the box and one that I had only been using for about a week - I don't know where I was, but in my dream I got up from the table and left my MBP and went down the hall - when I came back my mac had a cracked screen, scratches, and a big mangled hole in the casing - it was trashed. The guy working in the next room told me that Sonny and Cher had been playing on it while I was gone, then took off when they broke it...

    Now I think THAT is the strangest dream I've ever had...SONY and CHER????? Where did THAT come from? lol!!!

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    I don't know. But your husband is lucky. I've been away for two weeks and I took our MBP with me.

    it's a life saver. lol
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    My dreams...
    I have had two Mac laptop dreams. One was I was in a small garden shed trying to convince my girlfriend to buy an i-book (this was a while ago) I ended up waking up shouting "If I was you, I'd go for the ibook, sure just buy the iBook" whilst my girlfriend was drying her hair ready for work. "You find the money for it and I'll buy it" she said

    The second dream was that I had spent all my credit card money on a brand new MacBook Pro as a present for my housemate. I gave it to her switched on for her birthday, she was well happy, and I was so excited to be giving such an expensive present. I had also bought her an Epson printer. As soon as I had handed the gifts over, I realised what I had done and wanted to take them back to try and get my money back but couldn't tell her. I woke up in a sweat and logged onto my bank to check my bank account at 4 in the morning. As soon as I seen my credit card account was clear I fully woke up and sort of giggled to myself realising I had had a dream and was still in a bit of a stupor

    I have a MacBook pro, and I think I had Mac on the brain since the MacBook was announced way back when and was getting rid of the residual anxiousness of waiting until I could buy one.

    How silly!
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    This is the funniest thread ever!!

    My wifes dell laptop broke last night and within 30 min we were shopping for a regular macbook for her
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